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AFC Expo 1

09 May - 10 May 1992

Antony (92)

Organizer(s): Zalko

35 Participants

Amstel, Beast, Chany, CJC, Clandestine, Cobra, Cyril, Digit, Dr Felix, Electro-Jack, Eno, Eros, Fred Crazy, Gouss, Grees, LBC, Longshot, Made, Madram, Moah, Neofyt, New Sky, Niki, Poum, Slash, Steph/Nephilim, Sylvie, Syndrome, Syntax Error, The Motorcycle Boy, Tom et Jerry, Two Mag, Udol, XOR, Zalko

Additional info

First meeting of the AFC association.

Commemorative(s) demo(s)

AFC Expo Demo (AST System & KOD & Static & Paradox)

Report(s) link(s)

Amstrad 100% #44 (p.52-54)