Memory Full


A new magazine is born!

Written by toms on 15/01/2023 11:47:10

imageThe first issue of 64 NOPs is finally here! If you ordered a copy, you should watch your mailbox from now on! You can find more information about this first issue here.

Revision 2023

Written by toms on 10/01/2023 17:00:26

imageAfter 3 online editions, Revision is finally back on site! The last time the sceners met in the E Werk was in 2019... Time flies! Of course, the CPC scene will not miss this great event and will probably take part to the competitions. See you in Saarbrücken from 7 to 10 April!

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BND Coding Party #2, le compte-rendu !

Written by toms on 28/11/2022 11:03:01

imageMaître Renard s'est anonymement déplacé en Normandie le mois dernier et nous raconte tout sans aucun tabou. C'est par ici !

Benediction Coding Party #2

Written by toms on 13/09/2022 13:11:35

imageThe second edition of Benediction Coding Party will take place from October 28th to 31st 2022 in Gavray sur Sienne (50450), France. So you want to meet friendly people, discover new stuff for your CPC or share knowledge? Just register and come!

Souvenirs, souvenirs

Written by toms on 31/07/2022 14:34:53

imageThanks to the work of Nicky One, we added some photos taken during Fanzy Meeting, Freedelire 1995, Ze Meeting 1995, OVL Meeting 1996, Ze Meeting 1996, Ze Meeting 1997 and Nibouckyba 1997. Yes, we are old! :)

64 NOPs

Written by toms on 26/10/2020 13:05:22

imageWe just put online 64 NOPs, a new tech blog for Amstrad CPC computers aiming at improving your skills to create awesome stuff on your Amstrad. New articles will be regularly added, some of them are already in progress.

Hwikaa interviewed

Written by Hicks on 11/05/2020 20:40:06

imageThe CPC scene is growing! Since a few months, a talented graphic designer named Hwikaa has been active in various productions... So it seemed interesting to know more about him, his projects and his vision of the scene. Click here to read Hwikaa's interview!

Glop Meeting

Written by toms on 21/02/2020 20:45:10

imageUn événement VIP avait lieu à Valence le week-end dernier où plusieurs CPCistes se sont réunis à l'occasion du Glop Meeting organisé par Roudoudou. Comme toujours, Memory Full est sur le coup pour tout vous raconter !